Jaclyn Taylor founder of Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics

Jaclyn Taylor started her career as a Professional Makeup Artist in Los Angeles, California. She is extremely passionate about skincare and makeup artistry, having earned her Makeup Artist certification through Make-up Designory, as well as her Esthetician licensing, in 2016. Her high-level of skill and expertise evolved quickly, as she began to understand the chemistry of the products she used each day.

In 2019, Jaclyn launched her cruelty-free cosmetics brand, Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics. 

The first product created for Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics was an eyeshadow palette, and after the initial launch, Jaclyn realized the importance in making the brand as accessible as possible for makeup artists. Today, Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics offers pro pans, allowing artists to build their own palettes with their highlighters, blushes, and an increasing variety of eyeshadow colors to choose from. Jaclyn spent two years meticulously crafting and perfecting formulas for her line, while simultaneously working full-time as a Professional Makeup Artist. She took her education, experience, heart, and soul to bring something she truly believed in to life. 

In addition to the makeup line, Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics launched a new, clean skincare line in 2022 that is vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Both lines are proudly made in the United States.  

Creating a makeup and skincare line that is both clean and effective is the driving force behind Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics. Jaclyn understands the power of results and uses her expertise to craft products that give her clients exceptional results. Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics will continue to provide products that suit all skin types, the environment, and individual creativity.