Jaclyn Taylor founder of Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics

Jaclyn Taylor is a Professional Makeup Artist in Los Angeles, CA and a Licensed Esthetician. She has had the opportunities to work with many celebrities, work celebrity events including The Emmys and Oscars, and work on set for the top Hollywood modeling agencies.

Her high-level of skill and experience evolved quickly in the industry as she began to understand the chemistry of the products that she was utilizing.  While working on clients she realized that many times, something simple required so many different products to achieve, and the formulations didn’t always perform to a high-quality standard. Jaclyn saw a gap in the industry, and this is where Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics began. 

Jaclyn took her education, experience, heart and soul to invest into bringing something truly magical to life.  She wanted to be able to share this passion and expertise with the cosmetics world. Jaclyn spent two years meticulously crafting and perfecting formulas for the initial product line, while simultaneously working full-time as a Celebrity Makeup Artist in Los Angeles, CA. Jaclyn Taylor continues to be an educator, and hands-on leader for Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics.

Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics seeks to bring a hands-on and “made with love” approach to makeup, while simultaneously revolutionizing the formulations as they evolve with the industry to promise superior quality to the consumer. Jaclyn Taylor Cosmetics is proud to be made in the USA.